About Symphony Risk

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Expert Advisory. Industry-Focused Performance.

Symphony Risk Solutions is inspired by the culture of the insurance brokerage gold standards of the past — client-centered, team-based, and industry-focused.

We are the alternative to publicly-traded, global brokerage behemoths, small regional generalists, and “buy and flip” aggregators. Symphony has the capital, leadership, and patience to build a long-term, sustainable, and uniquely focused business that provides rewarding outcomes to its clients, colleagues, partners, and investors.

Challenging Industries

Our firm works closely with industries and individuals that require some of the highest levels of control — from regulated industries like finance, healthcare, and Cannabis to high net worth individuals and family offices. Because we work intimately with these clients, we can be creative with the solutions we compose.

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Symphony Values

An ensemble, in business or music, only works when all players are on the same page.


Symphony works with partner agencies and specialty resources to provide seamless, unique, and customized solutions to clients and attractive and compelling professional opportunities to colleagues and partners.


Symphony engages best-in-class industry-focused professionals, utilizes state-of-the-art technology resources, and accesses a broad spectrum of specialty and global insurers to deliver meaningful results to clients.


Symphony is dedicated to an “open platform” for our clients, colleagues, and partners – no surprises, full communication, and complete transparency.


Symphony is passionate about achieving superior outcomes — for our clients with optimal exposure management and lower cost of risk, for our colleagues with meaningful and rewarding work, and for our partners through thoughtful and beneficial collaboration.

Symphony Risk Leadership

Our leadership team provides firmwide management across our portfolio of clients. Decades of industry and business experience have given them the insight and foresight to help our clients anticipate shifts in markets and the risk landscape.

Katy Ericson

Chief Human Resources Officer

Scott Tofil

CFO, Symphony Risk

Join Our Ensemble

A career at Symphony Risk provides an opportunity to work with high-performing, consummate professionals. We place a high value on independence and innovation in helping our clients overcome business burdens and manage day-to-day operating risks.

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