Case Study

Client with Multiple Agents Saves Premium with One Broker

  • Client was under protected, and their liability exposures were undeclared.
  • There were four policies in place that all expired at different times, handled by three different agents.
  • Symphony Risk consolidated and enhanced their coverages while saving them premium — all under one broker.
  • The client no longer needs to call various agents to coordinate coverage.

The Challenge

An affluent business owner had coverage managed by three different agents, all expiring at different times of the year. Because the policies were with insurers not equipped to respond to the client’s changing lifestyle and value of assets, the client was not only under-protected, but liability exposures were undeclared.
Symphony Wealth has dealt with situations like this countless times. A high-net-worth individual goes grossly under-insured when their agent or insurer does not consistently monitor their changing needs or exposures.

The Solution

After gaining full appreciation for the Lifestyle and Insurance Program Review, the client decided having one broker not only ensured coverage was accurate and provided more than adequate limits, they found peace of mind knowing they had one point of contact to protect their assets no matter which Coast they elected to explore.

“I could not be more pleased! You [Symphony Risk] have managed to simplify what was otherwise a messy program and given me peace of mind now and for the future.”

-Symphony Wealth Client

The Outcome

The client discovered the simplicity of switching their insurance to Symphony Wealth.

Our team ensured that coverage enhancements and pricing competitiveness would be viewed in totality, while saving premium, all under one broker.