Case Study

Private Airline Pilots Union Seeks a Responsive Broker to Organize Policies

  • The client had never met their broker (a large out-of-state agency).
  • They were unaware of  their coverages and policy renewals.
  • Symphony Commerce teamed up with one of our Executive Line specialists.
  • We combed through the various policies and uncovered gaps.
  • Provided the client with a comprehensive coverage flow chart.

The Challenge

The client, a private airline pilots union, sought out Symphony Commerce in desperation. Their broker was on autopilot, and they required a responsive broker to organize their policies, review their coverage, and fill in the exposure gaps. They were represented by a large agency, whom they had never met in person, and their only annual review was a stack of papers – that they didn’t fully understand – to sign. They were in the dark about their coverages and when all their policies would renew.

The Solution

As many of the policies were in the area of Executive Lines, we teamed up with one of our Executive Lines specialists. Together, we combed through the various policies and uncovered many gaps. Additionally, we provided the client with a working flowchart where the client could stay organized and view a timeline for all their policies on one page.

The client implemented our recommended changes and added coverage previously missing — which facilitated a smoother relationship between the client’s legal department and the claims department,  establishing premium savings in the initial year.

The Outcome

After we made our presentation to the union board the client had one question: “How do we assign you as our broker?”

Due to the benefits of the changes made, the client has continued to name us as their broker with each new secretary/treasurer that has been elected. The union has rewarded us by recommending a peer union group to us, and we have provided them with the same standard of service and are their broker as well. We now proudly serve the largest private airline pilots union in the world and the fastest growing airline union in the world.